Businesses Name Generator; Ideas for Choosing a Great Business Name for Start-Ups

It might come as a surprise, but one of the most challenging tasks for most start-ups is getting the right business name. A good company name is not as simple as combining your name with that of your spouse. It requires that you spend some time in deciding which name to go for because it says a lot about your business.
There are many business name generator tools you can use online, thereby making the process easier for you. It will also require that you sit down and come up with appropriate keywords which aptly describe your company. But how do you do this?
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1. Go back to the beginning

When you start your business, you have so many ideas that you may want to implement. However, at the core of it all, there is a reason why you decided to take the plunge into the business world. Go back to the very beginning, and review what it is you had in mind.
Go back to the vision you had for your company, what you think made your business idea unique, what you were hoping to change, among others. The target audience is also vital because whatever name you generate has to appeal to them.
Write a list which will guide you in the thinking process. Your list should include the following: –
  • Is there a particular message you want to pass using the company name?
  • What is a priority when it comes to the business name? For example, a preference could be that it has to have one of your names in it.
  • Are you very concerned with uniqueness?
  • Do you want it to relate directly to your service or products?
  • Do you want to evoke an emotion in people when they see your company name?
  • What are your competitors doing? Are there any particular things you like or dislike about their choice of names?
  • How long do you want the business name to be?

2. Involve other people in the name generation process

Generating a business name is better with the involvement of several people. The advantage of bringing other people into the process is that it allows you to see things from different perspectives. The whole process of brainstorming can bring in some creative ideas that you can use in generating a name for your company.
Brainstorm sessions can be fun, and you will be able to come up with quite several ideas. Use the list you came up with above to guide the discussions. While you may think you have great ideas for your business name, getting input from other people is a better idea.

3. Do not rush the process

There are various factors to consider when coming up with a name for your business. You, therefore, do not want to rush the process because whatever you come up with may not work well for you or your brand. Sit down and go through everything you have done in stage one and two above.
Whittle Down the list as much as possible so that you only leave business names that you feel resonate with you. The reason why it is essential to take your time is so that you can let the ideas marinate for some time. It also gives you the time to get rid of any bias or preconception you may have.

4. Take a Short Break

It is a brilliant idea to take a short break from the whole process. Even if it means taking a day or two without thinking about the name generation, go ahead. When you come back, you will have a fresh eye and head and don’t be surprised if one of the names speaks to you.
Even if you’re using one of the online name generators for businesses, you should follow the same process. Pick a maximum of five names from the thousands that the tool will generate.  Give yourself a break, come back and look at them again before you make your final decision.
A lousy business name is like a bad tattoo, yes you can change it, but the pain and expense of the process are not worth it. Take your time before making a final decision. Most importantly, do not pressure yourself into thinking you have to choose one of the names on the list you have. If it does not feel right, start the process again.

5. Check If the Name Is Available

You do not want to run into trademark issues because of choosing a business name that already exists. Do a little research on Google and other search engines and also check the trademark office.
 Since you are likely to use the business name as a domain name, you should check that the domain name is available. Some of the online generators for business names like Shopify will do this process in one go. You will get the business name, as well as an available domain.

6. Register the Business Name

 From the steps above, it is clear to see that getting a business name is not an easy process.  You need to register it as soon as you decide on your preferred one. Registering the name makes you the legal owner, and can stop any other person from using it.


Choosing the right business name for your business is a crucial step, and you should never rush it. The process requires that you go back to the beginning and think about what it is you had in mind for your business. Involve other people in the whole process because you may think you are creative on your own, but the name you generate may have no meaning or particular appeal to the target audience.
Also make sure that it communicates well, and should be easy to remember, pronounce and spell. Avoid very long names if possible, because they can be a mouthful to say, and will not look good on marketing material.