bar point of sale systems

A retail POS system is a great tool to manage your small business. Here are the most important features to streamline your business!


The retail store owners manage numerous moving parts and they operate on pretty tight margins. After a while, this becomes difficult to manage successfully when using traditional or manual methods. A POS or Point of Sale system is a great tool that can help you manage your small business. There is one problem – finding the right Retail POS solution is no easy feat.

Don’t worry as you are not alone in feeling this way, there are so many people and businesses out there experiencing the exact same problem.

In order to help you out, we have identified the must-have features you need to look for in a Retail POS system. These features can simplify the management of your small business and lead to better customer experiences, more sales, and increased profit.

    • Sales Reporting and Analytics – Sales reporting and analytics functionality allow you to analyze your business’s sale data. Not only does this keep track of what’s selling, it shows how much profit you are making on each item. This allows you to determine and focus on driving sales to your most popular and money-making products. One of the best POS solutions that offer sales reporting and analytics feature is Lightspeed. LightSpeed allows you to filter sales total and this option is accessible from smart devices.
    • Customer Management – The customer management capabilities allow retailers to increase the quantity of loyal and high-quality customers. These systems gather information on your customer’s purchase histories, allowing you to determine the most valuable shoppers based on their purchase spend. Revel is one of the best POS solutions that offers purchase history, customer profiles, and points tracking which offer key details into your customer buying habits.

  • E-Commerce – The truth is that online stores are a must for today’s retail stores. Given the rapid expansion of ecommerce, retail stores should establish their online presence from the beginning. Ecommerce has become a very important part of the overall shopping journey which means that having an online store is no longer a luxury for retailers, but a necessity. It is a must-have feature to stay competitive and achieve the success you deserve.

We hope these features will help you find a Retail POS system that will be a good fit for your business.