Today’s retailers are doing away with the traditional cash register and are now opting for the modern POS systems that use some of the latest technologies. While some of the greatest and latest POS systems are way better than their counterparts, POS systems also have problems. Below are various problems that POS systems face. But you can rectify them if your employees are prepared and trained.

1. POS security

With the increase of hackers nowadays, it’s crucial for you to ensure that your client’s credit information and your point of sales system is protected. Don’t make the mistake of buying an end of sales system that doesn’t have a hacker’s detection. A single breach is what it takes for a business to be destroyed. Don’t allow a hacker to ruin your business just because you opted to buy a cheap POS system that didn’t have a hacker’s detection.

2. Inability to charge

We have severally been in a situation where you have had a busy day, and you forget to connect your phone to the charger. You wake up, and you find out that the battery of your phone is empty. If you are using a mobile POS system, then you should make sure you have spare chargers. You can have one at your workplace, your car, at home and other places that you might think of. And this important especially if you travel a lot for business, you don’t want a dead POS system when attending to your customers.

3. Usage issues

Just like any other system that you might add to your business, some staff members of your business will have a hard time using it. Before you start using your brand new POS system its crucial to train your staff on the functions of the POS systems so everyone knows how to work around it and how to solve issues that may arise. Educating your employees on how to use the POS system will pay off in the long term when they are helping customers checkout with ease.

4. Tracking promotions

One of the reasons for upgrading to a new POS system is because they can track and report on promotions and sales. At times some POS systems might fail to do this, and in this case, you will be required to seek the help of a Point of sales professional about upgrading your system to the one that meets your needs. Promotions are a must for any business, and your point of sales systems should not have issues handling sales, discounts and coupons.

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5. Mobile compatibility

You won’t always be available to manage and look out for your business. A quality point of sales system should be compatible with your smartphone so that you can have access to sales and your business even when you are far away from your company. If you are operating a POS system that doesn’t have mobile compatibility, it will not give you the ability to monitor your business, and you will need to replace it with an upgraded version.

6. Inaccurate reporting

One of the advantages of using a POS system is the reporting options that are made available to you. If the information you are collecting is incorrect it means, there’s a problem with the POS system you bought. You can buy a good POS system for a large sum of money, but it will be worth the investment if it works well.


Though the point of sales systems is a great benefit for any retail business, they do have some challenges which can be solved with proper training.

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